PediaVascular products were designed by pediatric cardiologists specifically to treat children. Mongoose™ 3.3 Fr. and 4 Fr. angiography catheters feature a hydrophilic coating surrounding triple wire braiding to provide high flow rates, torque transference, kink resistance and waveform fidelity. Catheter tips are softer and optimally sized for the pediatric cardiovascular system making for safer procedures. Eight tips shapes are available in multiple French sizes and lengths. Mongoose catheters and Super Sheaths are cleared by the FDA and CE Marked for pediatric use.

Multiple Tips Sha pes

Wire Braiding for Maximum Control

3.3F Super Sheat™ Introducers

– Gradual taper for safer insertion.

– Rotating suture wing for better fixation.

– Dilator twist lock for increased security.

– Translucent hub for better visibility.

– Silicone valve for smoother advancement.

– 5cm and 7cm lengths.

Spring Wires

Designed to perfectly match the internal diameter of MongooseTM 3.3F catheters, Pediavascular offers .030” 140 cm spring wires with a 2 cm floppy tip or 5 mm J-tip. Wires feature stainless steel construction with a hydrophilic coating.