With DC Bead LUMI™, you are empowered to see the location of the beads during and after LUMI-TACE

This case was impressive because of the clear visualisation of the tumour and the embolised vessels on the post-embolisation non-contrast CBCT, in addition to the complete response of the treated lesions.
Early experience user feedback

DC Bead LUMI visible in tumour-feeding vessels on fluoroscopy during procedure after clearance of contrast

CBCT 10 mins post procedure confirms coverage of tumour

DC Bead LUMI remain visible at 4-week follow-up on non contrast-enhanced CT. MRI confirms complete response of tumour (mRECIST)


DC Bead LUMI™ are designed to offer a more precise and controlled procedure than current techniques

The radiopacity allows for accurate needle placement and full lesion ablation. With standard DC Bead™, the lesion cannot be seen on non-contrast CT and there is a possibility that the lesion may not be fully ablated.
Early experience user feedback

CT immediately post embolisation

Four days after embolisation,
DC Bead LUMI are visible
on non-contrast CT, allowing
for accurate needle placement

Non-contrast CT after microwave ablation demonstrates completeness of treatment


DC Bead LUMI™ offer the best opportunity to individualise your patients’ treatment

The real-time visualisation of the DC Bead LUMI™, and not a surrogate of contrast and beads, gave me confidence to see exactly where my therapy was being delivered.
Early experience user feedback

Single-shot fluoroscopy during the procedure

CBCT 10 mins post embolisation with DC Bead LUMI™

DC Bead LUMI™ remain visible on non-contrast CT at 6-week follow-up. Complete response confirmed on MRI


  • DC Bead LUMI are the first-ever radiopaque drug-eluting beads.They have been developed on the same technology platform and to the same high standard as DC Bead

Presentación y tamaños

  • DC Bead LUMI are available in the same presentation as DC Bead (2ml of beads per vial) in two calibrated size ranges. Supplied with Vialok vented transfer device
Size 70–150 μm 100–300 μm
Label Colour
70–150 μm
Black Yellow
Volume of Beads
100–300 μm
2ml 2ml
Product Code
100–300 μm
R02D001 R02D103

Los Bead LUMI™ son:

  • Inherently and consistently radiopaque with iodine evenly distributed throughout
  • Visible under all standard X-ray imaging modalities
  • Visible as they accumulate in vessels and contrast clears
  • Visible in follow-up scans due to long-lasting radiopacity
  • Approved for loading with doxorubicin and irinotecan

DC Bead LUMI™ provide increased control and optimise patient treatment strategies because they:

  • Enable real-time adjustments during procedure to guide precise delivery of beads into the tumour Enhance determination of embolisation endpoint
  • Assist in discovering regions of under treatment
  • Allow for the precise evaluation and confident reporting of the completeness of tumour treatment
  • Help inform future treatment planning


  • DC Bead LUMI are delivered in commonly used contrast agents without dilution and via routinely used microcatheters


  • DC Bead LUMI are visible under all standard X-ray modalities including computed tomography [CT], cone-beam computed tomography [CBCT] and fluoroscopy
  • DC Bead LUMI may overcome some of the image limitations associated with current conventional TACE/DEB-TACE procedures
  • Real-time visualisation of bead delivery may allow for better control of bead location and endpoint determination
  • Potential to use follow-up imaging for tumour “marking” and to confirm location of beads, success of embolisation procedure and planning for future treatment

Duran R et al. Theranostics 2016; 6(1): 28-39
CT: Computed tomography

Drug Loading and Elution

  • Approved for loading with doxorubicin and irinotecan
  • In-vitro testing confirms that the controlled and sustained elution profiles of drug from DC Bead LUMIare comparable to those achieved with DC Bead
    • Elution of doxorubicin and irinotecan falls within the same window as DC Bead1
    • Under the same conditions, both DC Bead LUMI and DC Bead achieve complete elution of doxorubicin and irinotecan1,2
  • DC Bead LUMI do not reduce in diameter when loaded with drug
  1. Swaine TS et al. Poster presentation APS meeting, Nottingham, UK. September 2015.
  2. Data on file (FAR-ES-0121) at Biocompatibles UK