PowerWire® RF Guidewire

Cross Through Challenging Occlusions.

Cross challenging occluded blood vessels with controlled
radiofrequency puncture technology.

Ensure your patients receive the treatment they need.

When a standard guidewire is not sufficient, successfully channel through totally occluded peripheral vessels with radiofrequency energy.*

Cross Occlusions ‡ with Enhanced:


Vaporize a channel through lesions, using controlled RF energy. The PowerWire® RF Guidewire features a stiff torquable proximal shaft and a strong yet flexible tip.


Handles like a 0.035” exchange-length guidewire. Allows for use with third party devices. Straight and angled configurations for variable anatomy.


Radiopaque tip and five radiopaque marker bands (1 cm apart) are visible under fluoroscopy.

Especificaciones técnicas

PowerWire® RF Guidewire

Feature Specifications
Catheter compatibility 4F (minimum)
Maximum outer diameter 0.035”
Length 250 cm
Core material Nitinol
Tip shapes Straight, angled 20°, angled 30°, angled 40° (gradual)
Tip strength Straight Tip – 50 g, 75 g, 110 g*
Angled Tips – 110 g

Tip Shapes


Angled 20°

Angled 30°

Angled 40°

Información para realizar un pedido

Tip Shape Tip Strength Product Code
Straight 50 g EWK35-250-08-6S
75 g EWK35-250-10-6S
110 g EWK35-250-12-6S
Angled 20° 110 g EWK35-250-12-6A-20-05
Angled 30° 110 g EWK35-250-12-6A-30-05
Angled 40° 110 g EWK35-250-12-6A-40-12

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