SupraCross® RF Solution

Left Atrial Access from Any Approach.™

Perform transseptal access using an alternate approach, with the SupraCross® Steerable Sheath and SupraCross® RF Wire.

When the conventional solution may not be optimal, use SupraCross® RF Solution to gain alternate access into the left atrium.

3-in-1 SupraCross® RF Wire

1 Puncture

Cross normal, fibrotic, and aneurysmal septa1,2 with a short, focused RF energy pulse.

2 Anchor

Maintain left atrial access with a flexible spiral tip.

3 Exchange

Support sheath exchange with a sturdy stainless steel rail.


Optimized transseptal approach may be required in:

– Left ventricular tachycardia ablation 3
– Pulmonary vein isolation 4,5*
– Left atrial appendage occlusion 6*
– Mitral valve repair 7

which have been previously performed successfully via jugular venous approach.​

Especificaciones técnicas

SupraCross® RF Wire

Feature Specifications
Wire length 180 cm
Outer diameter 0.035’’
Radiopaque marker Platinum tungsten coil; 3 cm
Distal coil diameter 2.5 cm

SupraCross® Steerable Sheath

Feature Specifications
French size 8.5F
Sheath usable length 45 cm
Sheath overall length 65 cm
Dilator usable length 67 cm
Compatible guidewire 0.035”
Distal curve Unidirectional (180°)
Distal curve diameter Small (17 mm), Medium (22 mm), Large (50 mm), Extra Large (68 mm)

Información para realizar un pedido

Product Product Code
SupraCross® RF Wire SPW-35-180A
SupraCross® Steerable Sheath SSS85-35-UD-45S

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